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tumbleweeds roll by

As of this month, I have officially earned my bachelor's degree. I'm very happy and relieved, but most I'm just very tired. "This is so great!" people say. "You must be so happy!"

"Yeah," I say. "It's great."

"So what are you going to do now?"

"Take a nap."

Haha, they laugh. A nap, haha. No, really.

Yes, really.

So I have been sleeping a little more and the dark circles that have been permanently under my eyes are actually starting to fade.

Last month I moved into an apartment not far from the university. It's a space in a century-old bording house(?) that has a total of five apartments. There's one tenent in each space, one of whom is a friend of mine. I've got almost as much storage as living space, an organic garden, and compost bins. Yay.

I also have a cat. :)

Kitso is awesome. I adopted her from a local shelter and she's been a happy, healthy kitty at my place for about a month. She's about 3 years old, purrs like a Harley, and likes her tummy rubbed. Her name's Buttercup, even though I tried for a different name. Mostly I just call her Bunches. ("Who's my Bunches? Who's my buncha turkey? You's a buncha turkey roast!")

I guess I haven't totally given up on LJ, but it's not like I'm actually posting anything much here. I'm not quite ready to give it up; I've been on LJ for a really long time. But anything can change.

Life is good.
Selections of Babylonian and Assyrian literature and poetry read aloud in the original languages.


Really cool.



Today I woke up gradually and grudgingly because the light was obscured by heavy rain clouds. The light from nearby street lights keeps me wakeful at night so the unexpected dimness this morning kept me in bed an extra hour recovering from too much light last night (I need to drape a sheet over my window I think).

It's cold this morning, actually cold. The wind has a wonderful autumnal chill that is both exhilerating and mournful, and the moisutre from rain that fell early this morning is still heavy in the air. It's actually cold.

Right now I'm considering what I will do with my time today. Right now I'm also feeling a little envious of friends who are spending their time in a way I wish I could spend my time. The thing to do right now is probably to put on my favorite cold weather sweater, take my laptop and go find some decent coffee. Staying close to home would save me money, though. I could also easily escape to my quiet of my bedroom to avoid the social world that makes me tired so quickly.


The promise of decent coffee is winning out over frugality. We'll see how this goes.
Steps to writing a paper:

1. Realize the scary paper is due in 7 days. Thursday.

2. Convince self that writing can't possibly begin until Monday.

3. It's Monday! Time to write that scary paper! Look at guidelines for the scary paper for the first time in three weeks.

4. Dither.

5. Get coffee.

6. Write for 20 minutes.

7. Get car from shop.

8. Visit thrift store; wow, great deals!

9. Go home, eat lunch.

10. Go to computer lab.

11. Oh yeah, I have to design a logo for myself.

12. Google images does not bring success; start playing Youtube videos for background soundtrack. If failure there be, at least it will sound awesome.

13. Oh yeah, that paper!

14. Ooo, makeup tutorials. Fun!

15. Wow. When did it get to be 2 o'clock? It's only 3000 words, this should be easy. Today's the only day I'll really have a chance to work on it, I better get started.

16. Or I could take a break and do some sewing.

17. Maybe it's time to leave the computer lab. It's impossible to get any work done here.

good stuff

Well, I've arrived back from a trip out of state. It was nice to get away for a while but I spent the week feeling sort of icky and sick. I toughed it out with tea, cough drops, and vitamins, but once I got back the ick got really bad. It took me a couple weeks to get sick so it'll probably take me a couple weeks to get better. That's just kinda how this body works.

While I was out of town I picked up a few goodies for myself. I purchased The Fantod Pack, a 20 card divination deck that Edward Gorey created back in the 90's that's been reissued. I got a few records, too! I've avoided gettting too much back into record collecting; it doesn't have to be a terribly expensive hobby, but it takes time and since I don't have a record player I haven't made it a priority activity. Still, the siren lure of vinyl can only be silenced for so long.

I got a couple recordings of Hair, my favorite musical. One is apparently an easy listening version performed by "Lady Sappho and the Satyricons". The music might be horrible, but it's Hair and it's sung by the Satyricons. For $2 it's an investment risk I'm willing to take.

I also got a 2008 release of some recordings Aleister Crowley made between 1910 and 1914. It's pressed on purple vinyl, apparently a limited version of the release. I'm very excited to hear this. I'm not all that into Crowley's work, but hey - it's Crowley reciting his own work. Recordings nearly 100 years old are now mine to listen to on purple vinyl. Awesome, really really awesome. For this awesomeness, I spent about twice what I did on the two Hair records.

So today it's back to homework, in between bouts of being sick. Blah.

new toy

I don't think I've babbled here about my new toy.

It's shiny. Shiiiiiny.

Yeah. Shiiiiny.

I unexpectedly came into a rather large chunk of money. After blowing some on groceries and gas for the car, I dumped most of it into saving and then went shopping. I've wanted a serger since I was a teenager. I always had my heart set on a Bernina, but a Babylock? Won't complain.

This was not the model I thought I'd get. I thought I'd get a mid-line model, but the store I went to didn't appear to have those available. See, the store was having a sale on their floor models. A 50% off sale. I walked off with the third best machine in the Babylock line for half price.

None of this is the best part. Not the money, the serendipidous purchase, or even the reason why I needed a serger right now (another story altogether). The best part? The very best most awesome I-honestly-almost-cried part?

It threads itself.


I put the threads in the little holes, push the magic button and IT THREADS ITSELF.

Seriously, I almost did cry.

So I've dumped a fair amount of money into the machine and into some sewing supplies; I'm trying to make some of it back through a couple business opportunities ("you want petticoats? I got yer petticoats right here!") but at the moment that's not terribly important. I got something I've been dreaming about since I was, like, 16. The planets aligned to bring me the most perfect machine I could have asked for. I am very grateful and very, very happy.

(P.S. It threads itself!)

leftover amazement

Tonight I am remembering to be amazed.

I'm also wishing that I hadn't screwed up making couscous because some leftover tangine would be really good about now.

Oh, and the internet is made of cats:

That's all.

knitter's opinion needed

I need some input on sock needles (this is where non-knitters may want to move along).

I need some new sock needles. I have mad love for my 5" Lantern Moon sock stix but the cost and the brittleness of rosewood has made me look for alternatives. I've used several different brands of DPNs (Lantern Moon, Brittany, Boyle, some unpronouncable European brand, Crystal Palace, Lacis bone needles, possibly others that I don't remember; tried out Hiya Hiya) and they each have their pros and cons.

I've done some looking online and I think I'm going to order a set of Brittany 5" DPNs. The Brittanies I've used before aren't quite as pointed as I'd like but they meet all the other criteria I have for sock needles: the size I like, lightweight, easy on the hands, flexible without breaking, inexpensive, just the right texture, and they're pretty (not the most important criteria, but it helps).

I'd like to know if any of you have opinions on sock needles and/or DPNs. Are there brands that you like, especially ones I haven't considered? (I've looked at the Harmony needle website, and kinda ruled them out because of price.) I haven't made any firm choices yet.