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The artist's store isn't up right now, but hopefully will be soon. If his work is priced in my range, there's a couple prints I'd like to buy.


lack of cat

It would be cruel to make a cat live in such a small space with me (not to mention the fact that pets are against housing rules), but right now I'm really feeling the lack of a cat.

I need to rent a kitten for a weekend, or something.

Dec. 30th, 2009

I want a box of Annie's Natural Chocolate Bunny cereal. I have a coupon. It would give me a special kind of joy to be able to eat chocolate bunnies in a cereal bowl.

I'm not sure the cereal is vegan. It's always too expensive so I've never checked.

What's holding me back is the snow that won't stop falling. Also I'm hungry, which is the wrong time to go to the store. Here I am, caught in a vicious circle: I'm hungry and desire bunny cereal, but can't go to the store to get the bunny cereal because I'm hungry.

Plus it's cold. Really, really cold.

I tried to start an LJ post the other day. I got about a paragraph in, got busy with something else; by the end of the day the paragraph was no longer relevant so I deleted it. That's kinda how it's been lately.
Spam advertisements turned into embroidered squares, apparently with the intent of making a quilt out of them.


And thanks for the compliments on the multitude of miniature marzipan mushrooms. I'll take photos of the finished product. :)


this evening

Knit knit knit.

Bake bake bake.

Knit, bake, knit bake; bake bake, knit.

Knit bake.


Knit bake.


old school

A while back I got to handle a Kindle reader. The guy had brought it just to show me because I had expressed skepticism about its superiority as a reading medium. No really, it has electronic ink, he assured me; you can look at it from any angle and see the text clearly and without any of the eye strain associated with CRTs and whatever computer screens are made from these days. It was small, sleek, portable, and had a nifty leather slipcover. You couldn't lose!

I had to admit, the Kindle was an admirable bit of hardware. The fact that textbooks could be purchased in Kindle format definitely caught my interest. I thanked him for bringing his Kindle to show me, and handed it back to him. I'm impressed by the Kindle, but I won't be buying one, at least not for general reading purposes.

Why? Let me finish.

After getting to see a Kindle up close and fool around with it a bit, I heard the occasional news story about the device, like the news story about the guy who brought legal action against Amazon for deleting one of his books from the device. If I remember it correctly Amazon had some concern over pirated Kindle books and so were yanking those (that?) titles. What got people riled up was that an outside entity could interfere with their choice in reading material without their consent or knowledge. This is a subject I feel very strongly about.

Part of my strong opinion about being able to access and read any material you chose without undue fear of interference comes from the two years I worked at a large independent bookstore in Denver, CO. This business was unwavering in its stance on allowing people to access whatever reading material they may like; they stocked many controversial titles (even if some had to be kept behind glass to deter theft) and were willing to order anything that could be ordered. This philosophy was taken all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court when law enforcement tried to gain access to the records of what customers bought on their in-store credit accounts in order to gain evidence in some local drug case. The owner of the store TTTFO and the battle over freedom and privacy begain. This sort of snafu was repeated in the early days of the enforcement of Homeland Security when Radical Militant Librarian(TM) refused to allow access to patron borrowing records.

I like to enjoy my media without harassment. We all probably do. My resistance to the Kindle and related readers are only partly based in my philosophy as a book lover. Or rather - now that I think about it - it has everything to do with my being a book lover.

Kindle is a product sold by Amazon. The Nook is a product sold by B&N. I've heard noise about a Microsoft reader and a Mac reader and and and.

I don't want to purchase hardware to read. I don't want to purchase multiple forms of hardware to read. To me, books only need one form of hardware - that of dead tree (or dead soy, or whatever). Simple. Convenient. Sure they take up a lot of space, but as a book lover, I don't really mind that. The bulk and physical presence of books is a comfort and pleasure. But the simple bottom line is that I don't want to need to buy additional doohickies in order to do something as simple as read.

Is this contradictory coming from someone who enjoys iPods, record players, stereo systems, DVD players, VCRs, and laptops? Maybe. But really, if I can cut down on needing to purchase one more gadget in order to do something as simple as open a book and read, I'm all for it.

(Still - if and when I can get all my textbooks on Kindle, I'll change my song a little.)

zooming by

Spending time on LJ: it's the new black!

Well, not really. It takes less time to find clean black clothes than it does to look at Livejournal.

It's Halloween! This makes me very happy, even though I've slacked on the celebrating. Same as every year. I was going to make skull cupcakes, then decided that I'm not being bitten by the cupcake bug. I thought about cookies that could be made to look like tombstones or some such, then decided I didn't want cookies either. It'd be better to make a holiday treat that's a little less full of sugar, I thought, but I haven't actually gotten around to brainstorming. Maybe spiced cider. Mmmm.

It snowed on Tuesday. Blech.

That's all.

Oct. 22nd, 2009

I'm on my way back from California tomorrow morning. I want to be at the airport or at least on the BART by 8am. This is where I'm grateful to still be on SLC time.

I'm really, really tired this evening. I still need to pack up all my stuff; that won't take much effort but it all needs organizing, you know?

I would like a nap, a lapcat, a muscle relaxant, and someone to help me get ready for tomorrow. I can has none of these things so I guess I'll get offline and go take care of things.

My visit here has been oddly intense. I didn't expect that. I'll probably feel better in the morning.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
I'm still too busy to adequately respond to anything on f-page, or to make the handful of posts I've been wanting to. In lieu of that, some highlights.

Good stuff:
-being asked to include supercute plush skulls in the annual skeleton-themed art show at a favorite coffee house. I'll get to sell them, too. :) Yeah, I owe everyone here pictures of them. Maybe later today (see below).

-Spending time with a good friend this morning. It's been too long since we've been able to sit and talk for any length of time.

-Heaping plateful of vegan nachos.

-My new phone! It'll take better pictures than my old one.

-Getting to see Sister Spit perform last night. AWESOME. I wish I had had an extra $20 to drop on merch. There was some beautiful poster-sized photographs of assorted attractive people eating creamsicles and reading Saphistry.

-I got to see a play earlier this month, as well as pick up a ticket for the They Might Be Giants concert in November. Early birthday present!

-Giving a brief knitting lesson yesterday and making someone very happy because of it.

-Fall break.

Bad stuff:
-Missing out on *two* plays, one of which I was offered a free ticket to. The other one I gave up because I was pressured into/manipulated/misled into a double date. Not happy about that.

-Spending a lot of money on the fun stuff I've been able to do this month. (This isn't a terrible thing; I'm glad I've had some extra money in which to buy show tickets, vegan nachos, gas, etc. etc. Still, the money needs preserved.)

-The funky smell issuing from underneath the bathroom sink.


I can't keep myself focused on the here and now; I'm fixated on getting out of the city and am having a hard time taking care of the tasks in front of me. I'm not even excited so much about the being in San Francisco part as I am about the not being in SLC part.

You know, I'd be happy if the Salt Lake fall lasted as long as the Salt Lake winter, and vice versa. The autumn is fantastic this year, and will be over very soon.

Time to play with the new phone. :)