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Today I woke up gradually and grudgingly because the light was obscured by heavy rain clouds. The light from nearby street lights keeps me wakeful at night so the unexpected dimness this morning kept me in bed an extra hour recovering from too much light last night (I need to drape a sheet over my window I think).

It's cold this morning, actually cold. The wind has a wonderful autumnal chill that is both exhilerating and mournful, and the moisutre from rain that fell early this morning is still heavy in the air. It's actually cold.

Right now I'm considering what I will do with my time today. Right now I'm also feeling a little envious of friends who are spending their time in a way I wish I could spend my time. The thing to do right now is probably to put on my favorite cold weather sweater, take my laptop and go find some decent coffee. Staying close to home would save me money, though. I could also easily escape to my quiet of my bedroom to avoid the social world that makes me tired so quickly.


The promise of decent coffee is winning out over frugality. We'll see how this goes.